Modern Nutrition

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

There is now convincing evidence that supplementing your diet with specific levels of vitamins and minerals can slow the biological processes of aging, decrease risk of many degenerative conditions and health risks.

Our health care providers at our Modern Wellness Center (Mississauga, ON) focus on educating our patients on the proper nutritional choices for optimal structural and neurological development. Our current soil has sub-par nutrient density that can alter our nutrient utilization rate when we eat certain fruits and vegetables.

Our current diets and food choices (processed food vs. organic nutrient dense foods) don’t give us all the essential micro nutrients that we need to thrive and survive in a “healthy” state.

Vitamins and minerals specifically tailored to one’s cellular needs can greatly boost immune system function and preserve brain function as we age naturally. This is key and essential for us in the winter months here in Mississauga, ON as we start to shift into a lower immune rate.

A healthy diet can guard against vitamin and mineral deficiency states (example: iron-deficiency – anemia, osteopenia / osteoporosis).

However we are realizing that to optimize health and neurological function, we need to maximize our defenses against heart disease, cancers, dementia, osteoporosis, and other common neurological conditions. We also note that supplementation of specific amounts of vitamins and minerals is necessary for all populations, especially our children who need proper nutrients for optimal development.

A large number of clinical trials have provided strong evidence that individuals using supplementation are reaping important health benefits compared to non vitamin users. Tailored approaches can be given by our registered health care providers at our office, (Modern wellness Center (Mississauga, ON) to help you and your family achieve the highest level of health possible.

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