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The Difference between Common Headaches and Migraines

Headaches are one of the most common conditions that allow patients to seek advice from a Neuro-Structural chiropractor and at our Modern Wellness Center in Mississauga, ON, our head and neck specialists focus on the root cause and not just the symptom of a headache.

Below are the two common headaches listed that we have discovered in our Mississauga, ON wellness clinic in the past couple of years.

The Common Headache

Also known as a tension headache can appear in many different forms and can affect both adults and adolescents.

Symptoms include muscle tightness in specific parts of the head, scalp, jaw and/or neck. They may also be caused by abnormal positioning of the head at work or while sleeping, bad posture (anterior head carriage), clenching of the jaw at night or hormonal imbalances.

Common headaches can be brought on by a dip in blood sugar, fluctuating blood pressure, missed meals, lack of sleep and increased stress levels, and dehydration. Some patients even find difficulty due to weather changes and atmospheric pressure.


A chronic and recurring headache, often on one side of the face or head, which produces a “throbbing” like pain, nausea and/or vomiting, eyes having sensitivity to light.

Other causes include genetic variances, environmental factors (lack of water, lack of sleep, food sensitivities, abnormal cervical spine positioning and skull positioning, chemical and hormonal imbalance, etc.).

Currently, chiropractic research has shown to have a direct positive result on pressure on the brainstem and the optimal movement and function of the upper cervical spine (higher neck).

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic headaches or migraines, please have them call our office to set up a complimentary consultation to see if our office and our Modern Wellness approach is right for them and their chief complaint.

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