Different approach, after going to a few different places you notice the difference in treatment here. Good rates and adjustments don’t take long. They’re also flexible with the challenges I have to leave work to make the appointment on time. Great service and would highly recommend this place.

Wanted to give a huge shout out to Modern Chiropractors for helping me through my recent neck injury, which immobilised my neck entirely. After getting an x-ray done Dr Manny had took a look at my spine to ensure there were no discrepancies, and everything was in place. He then continued to provide me with an adjustment were he also released all the tension in me neck and i was instantly able to freely move my neck pain free, and get back to the gym the SAME DAY. Dr Manny is very knowledgeable and takes his time with each patient, and his staff is very professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic services. In addition, to anyone who is heavily involved in fitness and bodybuilding. Lifting weights can cause addition stress on your spine and going in to get my spine adjusted on a monthly basis has been a tremendous resource in keeping my muscles from tightening up, injury free, and remain healthy.

Dave Singh Google Review

Like the most, I was under impression that chiropractic treatment is meant for injured people. Little did I know, that structural chiropractic assessment is ideal for each and every person for the maintenance of good health and smooth bodily functions. I was explained that my neck and mid-spine needed adjustments due to sedentary posture at work. The adjustments made feel my height again, I could feel standing taller. Besides, from past few years, I had a very low appetite, after a few spinal adjustments my appetite improved significantly and so did the overall health and energy. Besides being an exceptional chiropractor, Dr. Manny is a great counselor for his patients as he gets to know their health goals, and guides them to accomplish those accordingly. Dr. Manny is highly motivational and always keeps his patients well informed about their health status. In addition, the atmosphere at Modern Chiropractic is super-friendly, and the place feels like home.

In my journey to understand my health and body on a holistic level, my introduction to Dr. Manny Kumar has been a landmark experience. Dr. Manny is well-informed about holistic nutrition, and alternative treatments for numerous ailments. I would highly recommend Dr. Manny Kumar as a Structural Chiropractor, and a health coach.

Dr. Manny, thank you for all your efforts, and generosity for serving the Mississauga community.

Aditi Bhatia Google Review

I started seeing Dr. Manny because I was having back pains at work and when I went to sleep. Nothing before that seemed to be working for me then a friend recommended I would go see him.

Dr. Manny was able to see me very quickly and was very accommodating with my busy schedule. My first appointment was very easy and educational; I did not know so much of our body pains relate to our spine, which relate to our nervous system. Dr. Manny sat down with me and explained why I was having back pains and how he would help me to start feeling better.

Since my visits with Dr. Manny, my back pains do not exist much anymore and sleeping has become easier, even my posture is improved. He gave me extra exercises to complete at home which have also helped.
Dr. Manny knows his stuff, he takes time to educate you and explain why the issues occur and how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Personally, it has been one of the best decisions to start seeing Dr. Manny because of how much my back has improved and how much better I feel sitting at the office from 9-5. It feels like I have made a lifetime investment for the future of my health.

I want to thank Dr. Manny for caring so much for his patients and for improving my overall health.

Daneela Esho Google Review

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