About Tara Akuna R.Ac.

Meet Tara Akuna, a Registered Acupuncturist, mom of two beautiful boys, and an entrepreneur with a drive for connection.  She brings with her years of experience from Vancouver, BC as the co-owner of The Village Community Acupuncture, where her practice as a community acupuncturist took shape.  
Tara is taking what is old and making it new again. Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old, but in the hands of the right practitioner, it’s medicine revamped for your modern lifestyle.
She’s offering a unique healing experience – community acupuncture at affordable rates – serving the GTA community, so you can heal faster and return to your best self.  Do you remember how good normal used to feel?  When you didn’t have to reach for the daily coffee to get you going in the morning, or take medication because of chronic pain, you can get there again, if you take charge of your health today.
No matter where you find yourself, Tara understands that transformation is difficult but also very possible when you’re empowered with the right guidance, a little bit of hope, and recognition of where you’re at on your journey.  You will be joining our group of practitioners, creating a plan to bring you back to health, one modern step fused with ancient wisdom at a time.