About Liam Munshi

As a former NCAA Division 2 baseball player, Liam has been at the center of optimizing movement for well-over a decade. His seemingly-constant state of being injured, inspired Liam to search out answers through education, resulting in a career path in rehabilitative science.
Through his four-year degree, Liam has worked with a large variety of NCAA teams and population types, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. His lifetime goal is to keep as many people as he can from giving up their passions because of pain.
A certified specialist in rehabilitative exercise, his mission is to cement the physical corrections made to the spinal and musculoskeletal system with specific movement patterns, resulting in long-term health.
Working in conjunction with chiropractic and physiotherapy care, these exercises will cause a neurological change in how your body’s muscles interact with one-another, creating optimal muscle balances to prevent biomechanical breakdown, and as a result, pain.
Liam is driven, goal-oriented, and passionate about optimizing movement for prolonged health, and hopes he can inspire those same feelings in you.