About Dr. Manny Kumar

After living for over a decade in the United States, Dr. Manny has returned to Mississauga, ON with a tremendous amounts of experience in multiple populations and also to make his hometown healthier and more informed on the changes in modern healthcare.
Dr. Manny first decided that he wanted a career in healthcare when he suffered a baseball injury and was helped back on to the field through chiropractic care.  As a high level NCAA Division 1 athlete, he valued that there was more to the body than just what he could “feel” and “see”.  In the past years, Dr. Manny has been a part of some of the largest Structural Chiropractic offices in San Diego, California and Atlanta, Georgia. The majority of his patients were families who wanted to be healthy and optimal.

On top of his chiropractic degree, Dr. Manny completed his Master’s degree in Sports Health Science and Athletic Injuries.  His vision is to help families understand their overall function and how to live a better life through understanding their spinal structure and function. Throughout his baseball career, chiropractic care allowed him, and others, to achieve higher levels in training, recovery, and overall performance.  This was based on health strategies individualized for each athlete and their personal needs to perform at a higher level.

In addition to his family and sports chiropractic background, he is only one of few chiropractors in the world that have a designation for proficiency in utilizing the TORQUE RELEASE TECHNIQUE.  He has helped many patients through gentle and precise Structural Chiropractic adjustments.   Pregnant mothers and children respond well to TORQUE RELEASE TECHNIQUE technique and others prefer it over other forms of “traditional” adjusting.  Dr. Manny takes the time to help others understand their health conditions and gets them back to what they enjoy doing them most.  Dr. Manny is proficient in Punjabi and Hindi.

When Dr. Manny isn’t treating his patients at Modern Wellness Centre, you can find him working with professional, college, and youth athletes at his sports clinic and facility called Apex Optimal Performance (www.apexmississauga.ca) in Mississauga, ON.