Our Chiropractic Services

The chiropractic care in our office is focused on the overall Neuro-Structural aspect of your spine.  Chiropractic care with a Neuro-Structural focus has been shown to help a multitude of secondary conditions (see below).

Our office takes the time to look at your condition from a overall Neuro-Structural foundational aspect and we create an individualized plan tailored to fit your overall spinal health needs.Traditional Chiropractic is intended to relieve or manage symptoms and focuses on reducing muscle spasm, reducing pain, and increasing range of motion.

Most chiropractic practices are this way and they are good at it, but what focus on with our Modern Chiropractic process is different. We look beyond managing your symptoms and at focusing on helping your stabilize and correct your spine.

The spine is the foundation of our body, our posture, and our health. So for a moment, think of the foundation of a building. If the foundation were off, then we would expect the floors to creak, the walls to crack, and the windows would not close properly. You could repair and patch these problems, but you should understand that it would only be a temporary fix. Eventually these problems will return and you will be forced to repair them over and over again.

At our office, we detect and analyze any structural shifts in your spine. These shifts are the underlying cause of many symptoms (or what we call secondary conditions). By correcting these shifts we actually correct the cause of your secondary conditions, rather than manage them. If you are looking for long-term relief instead of a quick fix then we are the place for you.

Everyone’s spine is NOT the same and SHOULD NOT receive the same chiropractic assessment and treatment.